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Introducción a la lingüística hispánica di Hualde, Olarrea, Escobar, Travis

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Quantità Descrizione Autore: Hualde, Olarrea, Escobar, Travis
Editore: Cambridge University Press
Data di Pubblicazione: 2009
Edizione: 2nd edition
ISBN: 9780521513982
Pagine: 567

Written entirely in Spanish, this is the ideal introduction to Spanish linguistics for students. Using clear explanations, it covers all the basic concepts required to study the structural aspects of the Spanish language - phonetics and phonology, morphology and syntax - as well as the history of Spanish, its dialects and linguistic variation. This second edition incorporates new fake rolex features designed to enhance its usefulness for classroom teaching: chapters have been added on the sociolinguistics of Spanish in the USA, and on semantics and pragmatics. The chapter on syntax has been considerably expanded. Numerous exercises have been added throughout the book, as well as a new glossary to help with technical terms.

  • Avoids complicated language, allowing students to grasp the concepts and improve their knowledge of Spanish
  • 'Application boxes' encourage students to see how the theory relates to the practice
  • Numerous exercises throughout help instructors test their students' understanding