Internal combustion engines di Giancarlo Ferrari

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Quantità Descrizione Autore: Giancarlo Ferrari
Editore: Esculapio
Data di Pubblicazione: 2014
Edizione: 2
ISBN: 9788874887651
Pagine: 464

his book presents an energetic approach to the performance analysis of internal combustion engines, seen as attractive applications of the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and energy transfer. Paying particular attention to the presentation of theory and practice in a balanced ratio, the book is an important aid both for students and for technicians, who want to widen their knowledge of basic principles required for design and development of internal combustion engines. New engine technologies are covered, together with recent developments in terms of: intake and exhaust flow optimization, design and development of supercharging systems, fuel metering and spray characteristic control, fluid turbulence motions, traditional and advanced combustion process analysis, formation and control of pollutant emissions and noise, heat transfer and cooling, fossil and renewable fuels, mono- and multi-dimensional models of termo-fluid-dynamic processes.