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Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine, 20th edition di Harrison-Longo, Fauci, Kasper, Hauser, Jameson, Loscalzo

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Autore: Harrison-Longo, Fauci, Kasper, Hauser, Jameson, Loscalzo
Editore: McGraw Hill UK
Data di Pubblicazione: 2018
Edizione: 20
ISBN: 9781259644030
Pagine: 2770

The Landmark 20th Edition
The definitive guide to internal medicine is more essential than ever with the latest in disease mechanisms, updated clinical trial results and recommended guidelines, state-of-the art radiographic images, therapeutic approaches and specific treatments, hundreds of demonstrative full-color drawings, and practical clinical decision trees and algorithms.Recognized by healthcare professionals worldwide as the leading authority on applied pathophysiology and clinical medicine, Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine gives you the informational foundation you need to provide the best patient care possible. Trusted by generations of students and clinicians, this cornerstone two-volume text maintains its accessible, standard-setting balance between the scientific basis of signs and symptoms, and the clinical management of the patient. This 20th edition is more relevant and essential than ever, with a refreshed, user-friendly design and cutting- edge new content and insights from the world’s leading clinicians and researchers in every major medical specialty.
Features new to this edition:
* Thoroughly revised content – covering new breakthroughs in clinical medicine.
* State-of-the-art coverage of disease mechanisms: Harrison’s focuses on pathophysiology with rigor, and with the goal of linking disease mechanisms to treatments.
* New sections covering a wide range of new and emerging areas of vital interest to all healthcare professionals.
* Frontiers in Medicine, addresses cutting-edge topics in research and medicine such as epigenetics, genomics and infectious disease, telomere function, and more.
* Updated clinical guidelines, expert opinions, and treatment approaches provide clinicians with most up-to date guidelines and a clear blueprint for optimizing patient    outcomes.
* Fully updated “Cardinal Manifestations of Disease” explains the underlying physiologic, anatomical, and biochemical changes that result in the outward expression of
  signs and symptoms.
* Timely new chapters – offering the very latest, definitive perspectives on must-know topics in medical education and practice.
* Optimized coverage of “The Profession of Medicine” – re-organized to focus on the bedrock principles of what it means to practice medicine in the 21st century.
* Hundreds of new images and visuals, providing clinical guidance at-a-glance.