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Advanced Cardiac Imaging 1st Edition di Nieman

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Autore: Nieman
Editore: Edra
Data di Pubblicazione: 2016
ISBN: 9781782422822
Pagine: 804


Advances in Cardiac Imaging presents the latest information on heart disease and heart failure, major causes of death among western populations. In addition, the text explores the financial burden to public healthcare trusts and the vast amount of research and funding being channeled into programs not only to prevent such diseases, but also to diagnose them in early stages.

Key Features

  • Presents a thorough overview of cardiac imaging technology
  • Addresses specific applications for a number of cardiac diseases and how they can improve diagnoses and treatment protocols
  • Includes technological developments in cardiac imaging and imaging applications in a clinical setting


Cardiologists and radiologists in academia and clinicians in industry. It should also appeal to students studying cardiology.