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Infection Control in Intensive Care Unit di Van Saene, Silvestri

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Autore: Van Saene, Silvestri
Editore: Springer
Data di Pubblicazione: 2000
ISBN: 9783540750437
Pagine: 357

This second edition of Infection control in the intensive care unit has been completely rewritten. All statements are justified, where possible, by randomised controlled trials or meta-analyses, avoiding unsubstantiated expert opinion. The book contains a new section dedicated to the microbiology for the critically ill, in particular, how to process and interpret surveillance cultures to distinguish the normal from the abnormal carrier state. The usefulness of molecular techniques for outbreak analysis is discussed in a new chapter. An extensive chapter dedicated to clinical virology in neonatal, paediatric and adult intensive care units is also new, as well as the explanation of the six basic principles of the therapy of an infection. Attention is given to special topics such as nutrition, gut mucosal protection and the control of antimicrobial resistance. The addition of enteral to parenteral antimicrobials contributes to the control of multi-resistant micro-organisms.